Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Rhiannon: Welsh Goddess of Forgiveness

A long, long time ago, when the trees and mountains spoke to people, when the springs rose straight from the cold rock; and gods, and goddesses walked through the land...

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Cernunnos, The Antlered God of Power and Blessing

Cernunnos is the antlered god, part man and part stag. He is born on the darkest day of the year, winter solstice, and marries the goddess of spring, Beltane. About six months later, on summer solstice, he dies. In Celtic lore, he is often depicted sitting cross legged—the position of a meditator, or teacher. 

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Ceridwen, The Mother of Poetry and Wisdom

The steam still rises from Ceridwen’s cauldron. She is the mother of poetry, wisdom and prophecy, the triple goddess of Maid, Mother and Crone, shape shifting between life and death. Long, long ago, when the gods and goddesses roamed about the earth, visible to men and women, the White Crafty One, Ceridwen was married to Tegit Foel, the giant deity of a...

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