July Birthstone: Ruby

Offer a large ruby to the Hindu deity Krisna, the eternal child, and you will be reincarnated as an emperor. Offer a smaller ruby, and in the next life you'll be merely a king. If you believe that existence is not cyclical and have figured out who you were before you were born, the thirteenth century physician Naharari of Kashmire has more practical advice: rubies are a cure for flatulence.
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Holly: July Tree

Holly is the Celtic Tree spirit for July 8 - August 4. The Holly Moon was called Tinne by the Celts. It lasts from a few weeks after the summer solstice through early August, a few days after one of the most important Celtic ritual seasonal holidays — Lughnasa. The question I want to explore is, why did the Celts choose the holly tree at this time of year? How can it help us, as a kind of “medicine” for our own calendar year?
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Celtic Goddess: Aine

In the rich tapestry of Celtic mythology, Aine emerges as a luminous figure, revered as the Goddess of summer, love, and sovereignty. Her name, pronounced 'awn-ya', embodies the essence of feminine power and abundance. Aine is celebrated primarily in Irish folklore, where she is often depicted as a radiant queen, beloved for her beauty and benevolence. Her presence heralds the peak of summer's warmth and fertility.
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