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January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet, January’s birthstone, is the stone of commitment — inspiring romantic love, devotion, passion, and intimacy. In mythology, Persephone suggest that garnet is associated with a deep love that takes you so far out of yourself that you end up in a different world.   Read more > or view our Garnet Collection




Birch: Celtic Tree Zodiac for January

For six months, light has been decreasing, leading up to the solstice, the darkest time of year. Some of us have perhaps spent a few days reflecting upon the essence of what has been garnered over the past season. Now we move from the Elder tree to Birch.    Read more >


Imbolc: The Celebration of St. Brigid

Also called St. Brigid's Day, Imbolc honors the Celtic goddess of fire, fertility, midwifery, and the young. February 1st-2nd is one of the cornerstones of the Celtic Calendar, as the first day of Spring heralds the underground movements of renewed life beneath the Earth's belly.    Read more >


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