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April Birthstone: Diamond

Diamond is a crystal of Light; its high frequency energy is dispersed into flashing prisms of brilliant “fire” that typifies the sun. It is a spiritual stone, a symbol of perfection and illumination, activating the Crown and Etheric Chakras. It enhances inner vision and stimulates creativity, imagination, and ingenuity, opening the mind to the “new” and “possible.”   Read more > or view our Diamond Jewelry Collection


Willow: Celtic Tree Zodiac for April/May

Willow is the Celtic Zodiac Tree for April 15th - May 12th. Willow is tied deeply to this time of year, which marks great growth and emergence. What has been latent and gathered in the depths of winter now begins to really leap forth. For this reason, Willow is deeply associated with Brigid, the maiden element of triple goddess (mother, maiden and crone).    Read more >

The Wedding Ring and the Celtic World

Wedding Rings date back to the time of the Egyptians, perhaps even further back. Originally, they were made of woven plant fiber such as papyrus or certain grasses. These were later replaced by sturdier materials, leather, bone, and eventually iron. In the Celtic world, wedding rings were made more popular through the influence of the Romans.  Read more >


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