Celtic Tree Zodiac

May-June: The Hawthorn Tree

This time of year the dose of sunlight rises each day toward the long fuse of solstice. In the Celtic tree zodiac, the period from May 13th to June 9th...

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May: The Willow Tree

Willow is tied deeply to this time of year, which marks great growth and emergence. What has been latent and gathered in the depths of winter now begins to really...

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March: The Ash Tree

Now, the dark pockets of earth begin to stir awake from the long and frozen cold. The energy of the earth is rising up. Walking through the woods, we can...

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February: The Rowan Tree

This time of year, when the influence of winter is waning and the first imaginations of spring are in the air, is when the Rowan tree is represented on the...

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January: The Birch Tree

For six months, light has been decreasing, leading up to the solstice, the darkest time of year. Some of us have spent a few days, perhaps, reflecting upon the essence...

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December: The Elder Tree

The Elder tree embodies the seasonal energy of diminishing of light, the last leaves dropping, the plant’s concentrated essence sinking into the root, the quietude and mystery of the earth itself in a wintery landscape. This is a time of endings and beginnings, the least light and the return of the sun toward a longer day... completion and rebirth.  

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November: The Reed and the Celtic New Year

Reeds are large perennial grasses with smooth, flat leaves. They grows in wet areas such as marshlands or streams—often at the edge of distinct ecological zones. Today reeds grow a few yards high, but there are accounts of reeds growing up to twenty feet—almost as tall as a small tree. Reeds stabilize banks, marking a transition point between land and shore. 

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