Visit Our Santa Fe Celtic Jewelry Store


Our Santa Fe boutique, located at 912 Baca Street is like a beautiful jewelry box. In an intimate, warm art space, you can browse our large selection displayed in our hard carved cases.

From the classic to the contemporary, we have hundreds of designs, including silver, mixed metal gold over silver, solid gold, palladium and platinum. Whether you are choosing a pair or silver earrings or a platinum wedding ring and engagement ring set, we promise to make your time with us a wonderful experience.

Many people who visit us take a studio tour to see how our jewelers use traditional Southwestern metals smith techniques, hundreds of years old, to fabricate pieces. We start with flat sheets of gold which we will shape and form on 19th century hand forged anvils. If you want, you can bring in your designs and let us make you a custom piece for you. We can work with your gemstones, or even buy your gold at 93% of spot price toward the purchase of one of our pieces.

Our Celtic jewelry is also made with the greatest concern for ethics, the environment and communities where we source our material. As pioneers and leaders in the ethical jewelry movement, we want you to actually wear your commitment for a more sustainable future. With our ethics, life time guarantee, knowledge of design, gems and diamonds, you will have complete confidence in your purchase. Click to a Google Map showing Reflective Images on Baca Street in Santa Fe.

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