Our Ethically Sourced Diamonds

We have selected the best possible options for those who want ethical diamonds. Unfortunately, the notion of "conflict free" diamonds does not cover labor or environmental issues, or the past attrocities associated with the diamond trade. Our diamonds are not only transparently sourced from mine to market, they are also competitively priced. We can source any cut you want.

We can source diamonds of any cut, size and clarity.  Our diamonds offer on our engagement ring options are Canadian rounds, minimally SI2  Quality, H or better color, Good to Excellent in cut. We will verify specific information once you order. Namibian diamonds that meet your specifications are available upon your request. 

Diamonds from Canada

Canada's diamond mines are among the most regulated in the world and there is generally little difference between them. They are often the source of choice for those who want transparent, ethically mined gems.  We source primarily from mines in the Northwest Territories that have Impact Benefit Agreements with First Nation people who benefit from the diamond trade. 

Diamonds from Namibia

Namibian diamonds are an excellent choice for those who want to support economic development in an African country. These diamonds are not only mined in Namibia, they are polished and cut in Namibia as well.  This provides down stream economy for people in Namibia. 

Created Diamonds

If you feel that the talismanic quality of converting coal to diamond under the earth is not important, consider industrially grown diamonds, marketed as "created diamonds".

Other Ethically Sourced Stone Options

If you are interested in an ethically sourced Colored Stone for your ring rather than a diamond, there are several options.

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