5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Celtic Wedding Ring


The Celts were tribal groups that lived thousands of years ago, throughout what today is Europe. From their archeological remnants, and some of the current druid traditions which are said to come from those ancient roots, we believe that their culture was based on an abiding love of the earth. Their art was inspired by the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Celtic jewelry is an artistic expression of culture, a reflection of those closely held views integral to their traditions. For those who love these ancient traditions, the Celtic ring, if not merely a commodity, can be a talismanic expression that connects the wearer back to another time and place. To make a decision that is in alignment with one’s cherished beliefs, here are five key points to consider.

The first thing to consider is the nature of the Celtic jewelry. Is it a reproduction of some ancient piece, from, for example, the British museum, or is the Celtic ring a contemporary interpretation of an ancient knot work design. These days, most Celtic rings are made by artisans who are working from patterns found in books, from which a design is created. In this case, it may be more difficult to trace the pattern to some particular location. There is no particular right or wrong in this instance. Contemporary designers who love the knot work patterns are keeping the tradition alive through their own expression of creativity.

Regardless of where the ring design is from, it has universal meaning; our second point. To understand what that might entail for you, consider the symbolism for the ring. Any worthy online merchant will be able to tell you what the Celtic ring means, and why based on its sacred geometry. For example, a circle relates to community, and working together. Square are used in foundations, as the five points are stable. Triangles, however, are about direction and movement forward in a particular manner. How a piece of Celtic jewelry utilizes these elements in design is something that you can understand, just by breaking down the components.

Third, and particularly important, is where the metal for the Celtic ring comes from. These days, just the gold within a single Celtic ring can cause up to twenty tons of toxic waste in some poor developing country where children in small scale mining communities are often exposed to mercury poisoning. Silver is often derived from gold mining. Though Celtic jewelry is made from gold and silver, even those who wear it as an expression of love and connection to the natural world often do not even consider where the metal comes from. Fortunately, it is possible to buy Celtic jewelry made with recycled gold and recycled silver. That way, no new mining is involved.

Fourth, when considering the emotional elements behind wearing a piece of Celtic jewelry, consider whether the Celtic ring was made by an artisan in a small studio working to support his community through jobs in the arts, or mass produced in some sweatshop in China or Thailand. These days, most Celtic rings are merely a commodity that is bought and sold at the lowest possible price. Some may see them in festivals, lined up in mass quantity with neither heart nor soul. If you are concerned about the talismanic meaning of your piece, know the artist and how they work.

Fifth, consider the reputation of the online merchant. How long they have been in business and whether they are a member of an organization such as the Better Business Bureau. This enables you to determine, in a fair and objective way, if you want to give them your business. For some companies, Celtic jewelry is something to wear for a year or two. But a true artisan will guarantee the Celtic ring you buy from them for as long as you own it.

Knowing these points and choosing to support Celtic jewelry from artisan designers will enable you to own something that is a true expression of your connection to these ancient tribal groups. You can obtain something that is beautiful and also worthy of its talismanic meaning.

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