Celtic Wedding Traditions

The Celtic Tradition of The Wedding Bell

The bell has been used since at least medieval times in marking the joining of couples in holy matrimony. They were believed to dispelling negative influences within a space. The sound a bell makes can cut across the flow of energy in a space and create a harmonizing effect. 

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The Oathing Stone: An Ancient Celtic Wedding Tradition

One of the origins of the wedding vow in Celtic tradition is the oathing the stone. This ancient ceremony is rooted deeply in the Celtic tribal traditions. To understand why it was so important, you have to know a little bit about the Celtic world view. 

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The Grushie and Scramble: A Scottish Wedding Tradition

The Grushie is a type of giveaway. At the end of the ceremony as the bride and groom are to step into the carriage, the bride will throw her bouquet to see who may indeed be the next lucky bride. For the men at the wedding, the Grushie traditionally was a handful of coins tossed alongside the bouquet. The person who tossed...

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