Symbolism of Our Celtic Jewelry Designs

Many times, people walk into our store and ask 'what does this knot mean?' The reason you may be attracted to one knot design over another is important. The best way to understand a knot’s significance is to contemplate or meditate on its design. To assist you, however, we offer the following overviews of our major knots, based on our personal studies of sacred geometry. Celtic knots are a form of sacred geometry that symbolize the interconnectedness of all things. They represent the eternal web and the continuous cycling of existence. Because they are universal, essential to human experience, knot motifs are found throughout the world, from Europe to Tibet to the tribal cultures of Africa. aria

Aria Knot

This knot is formed from the intersecting lines of three arcs that connect at a pointed end. This knot represents the notion of Trinity, three aspects from one unity. The symmetrical lines suggest balanced flow between the three aspects. These are the harmonious connections between three related aspects of life, such as body, mind and spirit. In ancient Celtic goddess lore, this knot symbolized the maiden, mother, and wise old woman, and the earth, heavens and underworld.aegis

Aegis Knot

This is one of Helen’s more artistic and original contemporary knots. At first look it’s a flower. Look again and it’s a dancing image. The movement in the lines is joyful and playful, aesthetic and expanding. Yet the bottom part of the knot, which is triangular, suggests focus and intention, and the bold lines give the sense that the image has a protective quality. We call it the “Aegis,” which means shield.  bridget


We use variations of this motif and many designs in our collection. Imagine over 2300 years ago some gifted artisan cast this design into bronze jewelry. The motif spread through several regions of what is now Italy, Hungary and Germany. The design feels very contemporary—almost like Art Deco. It resembles the curl of a plant’s stem or root, or the path of a river. Another prominent feature of this knot is the spiral, which has always symbolized growth, gathering into a wave. This design could also represents creative action. We use this design in many of the pieces in our collection. No one can be certain as to what it means, but to us, it seems to symbolize the fertility and fecundity of the earth itself. celtic_corner

Celtic Corners

The square is a shape not commonly found in nature. One exception is that of plant cells, which gives a hint as to what a square might mean. The knot work represents structure and foundation. Squares can be used as building blocks. A square can also deal with communication, since we have five senses and it is best if they work together in order for us to have ease in the world. donegal


Gold in ancient times was symbolic of the sun while the receptive moon was often associated with silver. This motif, with its alternating gold and silver knot motif is bold and distinct. It basically symbolizes the harmonious weaving together of two paths, or the harmony of solar, masculine energies with the feminine, moon energies. flores


The movement and circling of vines and flowers inspired this ancient motif. We called it, “Flores,” which is Spanish, for flower. To us, it symbolizes the verdant fertility of the plant world, the green thrust of life. The design itself was carved in rock and is an expression of Khmer culture from Angkor Watt, in Cambodia, which Helen visited in 2006. heart

Heart Knot

The heart is our center, our way of seeing and our connection to creativity. We all want to be in our heart, because nothing is more meaningful than connecting from the heart. The knot work in our heart pendent is continual and eternal, with the interconnecting lines suggesting everlasting love. It represents the unity with others we feel in any true act of love. helios

Helios Border Knot

If you trace the path of the line around this knot, you find that it flows in a gentle sine wave, and then suddenly turns back, zig-zags, and then continues on its way. This pattern suggests a way of moving through life. There are cycles of flowing gracefully ahead, and there are cycles of looking back and reviewing, and perhaps re-experiencing from a new viewpoint, integrating, or at least slowing down to really behold, and look the beauty around us. interlace

Interlace Knot

The Interlace knot combines linked heart shapes, straight lines, and 90 degree angles to create a unified whole. The four hearts, each of which represents eternal love, point toward a center. They form a cross, which symbolizes balance. The circular shape symbolizes the wholeness and relationships. In its totality, this design represents harmonious relationships with oneself and the universe. kells

Kells Knot

The Kells knot is based upon the square, shape not commonly found in nature. One exception is that of plant cells, which gives a hint as to what a square might mean. The knot work represents structure and foundation. A square can also deal with communication, since we have five senses and it is best if they work together in order for us to have ease in the world. With the square positioned as a diamond, as shown in this cross design, the upward pointing vertical line represents spirit, and the downward pointing line represents matter or earth.konya


Consider where you see ovals and what they do. One of the most obvious places is that ovals are found in the shape of eggs and the orbits of planets. Perhaps the oval represents creativity and fertility. In the case of this knot, the ovals come to a triangular point, which represents the intense focus of energy toward a goal. In combination, this design, which is like an atom, represents dynamic creativity coming into power and focus. laura


This design shows paths of energy, working together, gathering forces from the outside in sweeping arcs like waves in an ocean. The connecting points, the intersection, create a harmonious blend. The symbolism suggests flow and ease through creative partnership. leaf


This knot, though small, is fairly complex. On the one hand, this knot has an oval shape, symbolizing creativity and fertility. Yet, the end of the oval design is pointed, which represents specific direction and intent. Within the design are two triangular knots which also indicate a strong direction. From a completely different perspective, the motif resembles a leaf, which grows and brings nutrients to plants through sunlight and water. maya

Maya Knot

This knot resembles a balanced heart on the inside and a “pointing heart” on the outside. It is also a variation of the trinity motif. The heart is our center, our way of seeing and our connection to eternal love. Combined with the notion of trinity, the design symbolizes harmonious creativity. petra


This design shows intersecting triangular points. Triangles are about the focusing of direction and intent toward a specific goal. In this knot, however, the triangles oppose each other which create a kind of balance. This symbolizes dynamic creativity forming a greater holistic, harmonious pattern.  renee


This knot is about intense focus through creativity, as shown by the triangular pattern. Triangles work to focus energy in a specific direction. Yet this triangular focus is integrated into personal a rectangular form. Rectangles are used in building and creating structure. Another way of considering this is that it is a knot that represents going from one project or idea to the next – each distinct yet woven into a holistic, cohesive pattern. rope


This design shows two gold pathways that weave into each other evenly and harmoniously. The design simply represents two paths, two people or even two energies that are able to work together to creating a common circle. Since they connect, the knot also represents the eternal connection of the two separate ways. scroll


This rectangular knot symbolizes the development of personal foundations and structures that are complex yet functional. Within the straight edges, the triangular motifs and central, curvy design suggests the integration of complex and dynamic movement into a harmonious flowing whole. shannon

Shannon Knot

This knot, with its crisscrossing form, is oval in shape. The knot within the oval is harmonious. Ovals are about community and also creativity. If you consider the different strands as energy, then you see how in this knot, movement is endless throughout the pattern. The overall symbolism suggests balanced creativity.sita

Sita Knot

This knot is circular, which represents community. Yet within it we see a spiral form, which symbolizes growth and movement. From another perspective, this motif creates four different space, symbolizing the interconnectedness of aspects of life which come in cycles of fours, such as the four seasons. The outermost lines form a near-circle, suggesting growth while weaving new experiences and relationships into understanding. spiral

Spiral Knot

Spiral knots are found in all cultures across time. Moving outward from the center represents the flow of the mysterious forces of creation into the manifested world. Moving from the outside into the center represents the inward path of growth and the exploration and unraveling of the mysteries of self and life. tara


The origin of this design is 3rd to 5th century, BC, France. The Celts wore jewelry for adornment and also as a talisman, a power object, an anchor for remembrance, a way of connecting to the greater cosmos. This mysterious motif is clearly inspired by nature. Perhaps in it, you see a flame that rises from the earth, a river stretching across marshes, or a fern tip.  trinity

Trinity Knot

The trinity knot represents three aspects from one unity. This knot also suggests a flow of creative energy from below our feet into the world of time and matter. From another perspective, the trinity in Celtic lore symbolized the maiden, mother, and wise old woman, and the earth, heavens and underworld. [/one_half_last]

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