Comfort Fit


Katherine Aberle's and Michael Parrish's Mokume Gane' bands are all comfort fit.

What this actually means is that the ring is slightly larger on its outer edges. The center of the ring is convex, and is what primarily touches the flesh of the finger. The design also is narrower on the palm side of the ring. This makes the ring a little more comfortable to wear.

One important thing to consider with the comfort fit ring is sizing. With the comfort fit bands designed by Katherine, you need to get sized with a narrow sizing band. Sizing is absolutely critical with Michael Parrish Mokume Gane bands! These are very difficult to resize because of the separate and individual actions of the four different metals during the resizing process.

In the case of Mokume Gane' engagement rings, the ring may need to be re-made in order to accommodate a resize greater than a quarter size change.

The photos above show how the ring tapers toward the bottom.

These rings also have a sizing band. This sizing band allows the rings to be adjusted easily, since it is quite common for people getting married to put on some weight. The sizing band is on the part of the ring which tapers and fits on the palm side.

Comfort fit is a wonderful feature in a ring, but not essential. All of the rings we sell are comfortable to wear and will feel like a completely natural part of your own finger in no time at all.

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