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This is what we did for one of our collectors from Maine... she printed her dog's paw in mud, sent it to us on a piece of paper and we crafted that image on the back of her pendant.
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Custom Jewelry Design Is Our Specialty!

We specialize in custom design and can work from your ideas or drawings. We can also use your gemstones in our existing pieces or new pieces, removing them from your existing jewelry and buying old gold at 93% of its spot value. Here are some more custom designs we've created over the years....

Celtic Jewelry Repairs

Our artisans can make your worn-out but dearly-beloved Celtic jewelry shine like new once again! We'll repair broken Celtic jewelry chains, resize Celtic wedding rings that no longer fit, reset lost stones or fix broken prongs in Celtic engagement rings, or perform any other Celtic jewelry repair.

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"Diesel Celtic" Custom Jewelry

A couple from Texas walks into our store and asks us to create an urban, contemporary Celtic ring. Michelle came up with this "Diesel Celtic" design. Then, in November, the husband commissioned this bracelet, earrings and pendants with I ct diamond for his wife for Christmas.

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