Designer Jewelry Company Commits To Offset It's Carbon Emissions


"If business does not create benefit for the world, just quit and become a monk."
- Marc Choyt, President of Reflective Images Inc.


SANTA FE, NM, May 8, 2007. In its effort to join the growing business community committed to reduce global warming, Reflective Images Inc. will offset the carbon it generates through contributions to an environmental organization. "We have chosen to work primarily with Forest Guardians, a New Mexico 501C3, which protects and restore the wild lands of the American Southwest," said Marc Choyt, President of the company. "Forest Guardian's program is unusual in that it supports entire ecosystems rather than just plants trees. Our donations will help to fund extensive restoration in riparian zones, the waterways which are critical to the biodiversity of our region."

Reflective Images, a Santa Fe NM boutique, designer jewelry company known for its contemporary interpretations of classic tribal motifs, sells their work online and to approximately a hundred stores nationwide. Their ten employees and manufacturing processes generate approximately fifty-one metric tons of carbon annually.


  • Employee commute: 28.9 tons
  • Employee business travel: 13.44 tons
  • Shop gasses (from soldering): .11 tons
  • Company vehicles: 6.02 tons
  • Electricity: 2.43 tons
  • Natural gas: .47 tons

"We did a considerable amount of research to try to figure out just what our actual carbon imprint is," said Choyt, who noted that most of the information used for determining carbon generated is geared to the consumer, not the small manufacturing business. Electricity is low because ninety percent of the company's energy comes from green sources. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are used in their plant. The company also recycles junk mail for packing, purchases recycled paper, and recycled gold and silver.

"When I say, if business does not create benefit for the world, just quit and become a monk, of course, I am joking; but I am also serious' said Choyt. "I never got an MBA, but I have spent long periods of time in monastic settings. This time for reflection helped me to understand what is important. We all have to act within the context of sound economics to keep our business going, which often involves a lot of compromise. Yet actions that degrade the earth or humanity are never worth it."

Though Reflective Images manufacturers much of their jewelry in Santa Fe, NM to keep jobs at home, the company also imports a hand woven chain to accessorize their contemporary interpretations of classic tribal motifs. As strong proponents of fair trade, the company recently dropped two international suppliers, one in Thailand and one in India, to work exclusively with a company in Indonesia. Though considerably more expensive, their Indonesian supplier provides medical benefits, living wages, vacation, bonus pay and housing for their employees.

Reflective Images was founded in 1995. For the last two years, they have been named a superior supplier by OC Tanner Corporation, their largest trade account-- one of three companies out of three hundred to receive this honor. Santa Fe's Mayor and City Council named the company of one of the city's most outstanding businesses, based on their wages, diversity, job creation, benefit package, charitable contributions and their "circle based" business philosophy.

"So I say, if your business life is getting you down, consider what I do occasionally," said Choyt. "Spend some time by yourself and reflect. I personally find it useful imagining that I'm going to die tomorrow. That helps me realize what is important and what is not. Global warming and Fair Trade are important."

For more information, contact Marc Choyt at 505-988-7393 ex. 12. You can also visit the company's website: and blog:

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