Fair Working Conditions Reflective Images, Santa Fe, NM-- Employees of Reflective Images receive three weeks paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid national holidays and they work on flex time. The company covers 50% of health insurance and gives year end bonuses - typically over 5% of yearly wages. Hourly employees receive an hour paid lunch. Jewelers are paid by the piece. The company pays tuition for educational classes and employees also receive a "wellness" benefit, matching up to $75 a month for anything from gym membership to meditation retreats. Yearly wages are at least 50% above Santa Fe, NM living wage ordinance of $9.50 an hour which is the highest minimum wage in the country. Our employee satisfaction is reflected by the fact that on average, employees have been with Reflective Images for over five years. The company was also honored for its outstanding employment practices and excellence in business by the Santa Fe, New Mexico City Council and Chamber of Commerce in June, 2008. From Our Manufacturer in Denpasar, Bali-- Wages: • Entry level people earn slightly higher than minimum wage until they are trained, unless they come with a skill level and then they commence work at a commensurate rate. • Average salaried workers earn about 75% above minimum wage. • Average piece workers earn 37% above minimum wage. Benefits: • Free optional housing for single workers. At present, about fifty non-local employees who live outside of Denpassar (Bali's capitol), live in factory housing.. Presently, the company cannot afford to house married couples or families. • Payment of the local village residency tax, 10% of the minimum wage, which is in most instances a responsibility of the employee. • A medical fund. • A free lunch. This program is provided for factory workers, which as of the fall, 2007, was about 100 plates of food a day. Filtered water for all is also provided. FAQs for the above info: Q: Why don't you just do all your silver manufacturing in the US? A: Like so many other products, the market for sterling silver has been driven down by off shore competition. But also, the hand work is among the best in the world and part of a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. The work done in Bali, through our company, fairly supports families and communities. Q: Can someone in Bali survive on the minimum wage? A: Even without the free room and board, with a minimum wage, a person could feed, house and provide water for themselves. Also, the minimum wage is only at entry level. Once someone acquires skills, he or she is paid more. Q: How do you assure that these standards are continually upheld? A: We have visited this factory three times in the last seven years; most recently in March, 2008. But basically, the ethical and fair standards in this factory are core values to the person who runs it and would exist unchanged whether we do business with them or not.

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