Fair Trade Gems and Ethically Sourced Stones

Basic Gemstone Facts

Learn About Our Fair Trade Gem Options

We have the finest collection of ethically sourced gems you will find anywhere online. We know where they come from and the conditions of the cutting factories. We bring these to market proud of how they provide great benefit to the small scale artisan mining communities from which they are sourced.

Sri Lankan Sapphires, Exquisitely beautiful sapphires, ranging from medium to corn flower blue sapphires, brought to us directly from a Sri Lankan mining cooperative.

Malawi Sapphires, Rich teal in color, these sapphires are brought to us by a pioneer in fair trade gemstone practices.

Zambian Aquamarines, Sourced from two brothers who mine these by hand, these untreated Aquamarines provide support for a small community.

Nyala Rubies, Rare and beautiful, these rubies, deep crimson in color, are from a company that is a leading voice in fair trade gemstone practices.

Rubyfair Rubies, From Tanzania, these rubies are ethically mined in a village with great benefit to workers and the restoration of the environment.

Tanzanian Womens Mining Association, These gems support the entrepreneurial efforts of women who support their families and villages through the sale of these gems.

Zambian EmeraldsEthically sourced by small scale miners, they are of the same quality as some of Columbia’s finest.


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