FRE Ethics


Fair, Responsible & Ecological Sourcing We at Reflective Images are deeply concerned about the sourcing and production of our product. In our previous website, we detailed the production of the components of each product. Since that time, we have simplified our supply chain considerably. We fabricate all our mixed metal, gold over silver jewelry in our Santa Fe, New Mexico studio. We import chain and component pieces from a supplier in Bali, Indonesia. Read about the ethics behind our sourcing. Fair Working Conditions: The artisans involved in the production of our jewelry are well compensated for their work. Learn more... Responsible Practices We are supportive of the communities and active in making the jewelry sector more ethical and equitable. Learn more... Ecological: All our production utilizes 100% recycled precious metal. We also implement a wide variety of environmentally responsible practices. Learn more... Gemstones: When possible, particularly in our bridal collection, we source our gemstones from fair trade sources. The supply chain of mine to market gemstones is still limited. Learn More...

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