Helen Chantler

Helen Chantler on horseback Helen on a recent trip to Nicaragua, getting a fresh perspective. From an early age, traveling the world, I saw how art, craft and creativity brought beauty into everyday life. Beauty, for me, is a blessing that reminds us there is something greater than ourselves. Jewelry, as adornment, has been an expression of art and culture, as far back as 70,000 years. I like how jewelry can range from the legendary to the personal and intimate. The relationship to a particular piece can sometimes span generations because jewelry marks occasions, holds memories and anchors commitments. Sometimes, jewelry is just about pure fun.. I especially like using gems, a truly incredible gift from Mother Nature—each one with its own personality that can add so much to the designing process. When I moved in 1986 to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I saw how indigenous roots are important. Remembering the ancient Celtic stories and legends I grew up with in the UK brought me back to my tribal ancestry. Celtic design comes out of reverence for the earth and generations of tribal tradition. From this place, I have tried to bring contemporary style to motifs that are ancient and meaningful. I view my business as a community that must benefit human communities without harming ecosystems. In context to our sourcing and manufacturing, having high standards for human rights and the environment has been a priority, which is why I am pleased we work with 100% recycled metals and, when ever possible, ethically sourced gemstones. Any design stamped with 'H' was made by Helen.

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