Mabe Pearl


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             White Pearls                                                         Black Pearls

Pearls have universally been used for adornment for thousands of years. They are formed by irritants within the flesh of the oyster which over time are calcified into something beautiful. Hence, pearls have been seen as a metaphor for healing. Almost all pearls used in jewelry today are cultivated, which means the grains are placed in the oysters.

While round pearls are found in the flesh of the oyster, “mabe” pearls that we use in our sliders are cut from the inside of the shell. Whether the pearl is white or black depends primarily on the mineral content in the water where the oyster lives. Black pearls come primarily from the Philippians and Tahiti. Our white pearls come primarily from Japan.


Venetian Teardrop Slider with Black Mabe Pearl

Venetian Teardrop Slider with Black Pearl


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