Marc - Co-Founder


I work in developing our websites, strategic planning which happens with Helen at all hours of the day and night, photography, catalog, marketing, some sales and product development. I also focus on our supply chain, seeking ways to create jewelry that has exceptional environmental and ethical sourcing standards. We’re constantly seeking innovative practices in order to lessen our environmental footprint. In September, 2008 we switched to 100% recycled precious metal with all our production and the 2011 we were among the first company in North America to offer many of our products in fair trade gold. I am co-founder and Director of Fair Jewelry Action, an environmental justice and human rights network working in the support of traceability and transparent sourcing within the jewelry sector. I am passionate about working within a business model that uses the circle, altruism and integrity as a foundation for profitability. I have a long standing passion for travel, wilderness hiking, story/myth, history, Jungian psychology, literature, the Classics, Eastern and indigenous wisdom traditions. I have just finished a book on circle based approaches to business which I am hoping to publish soon.

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