Meet Her Dog

tasha My name is Tasha. And I am an artist... "Though I was born in a suburb north of Albuquerque in June, 2005, KNOW YE that my ancestors were Wolves and Malamutes. Some day I hope to escape the New Mexico summers and take a Haj (pilgrimage) back to my true home in Siberia. I have been employed at Reflective Images since October, 2005, and have a flawless attendance record. I have two suits: one for summer and one for winter and I am not ashamed to leave my winter coat on the floor in June. "My job consists of trying to get people to play. Like Walt Whitman, I am not bashful about my affections. I may be a small dog, but I am big hearted, and if you visit our gallery, I'll give you a good French kiss if you let me. (see photo). I like to chew things, many things, actually. It also brings me joy to whack my paw on my food bowl, flipping it upside down. "Russell's wife, Candice, works at a pet store and brings me toys that meuuuu and quack. But life is not just all play. I enjoy creating my own jewelry as well, and I already am nationally known among elite canine art collectors, many of which reside in the posh estates outside of Silicon Valley. This piece (small photo) is entitled, "Mason Jar Lid with Teeth Marks." It is due to be auctioned off at Sotheby's sometime early next year. tasha-art

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