Michelle - Production Silversmith


Michelle Montman became a member of our crack smithing team in the summer of 2009. A talented designer in her own right, Michelle has a wide and varied repretoire of experience in the realm of jewelry making.

Michelle has been making and designing Jewelry for 15 years. "I love everything about making Jewelry." Michelle says when asked about her work. She brings her love of the process and her eye for stones to her designs. Michelle is also an excellent wax carver. Along with the designs shown here that Michelle has done for Reflective Images, she makes her own one of a kind pieces that she sells at local fairs.

Michelle enjoys light banter and witty reparte'. She also enjoys creating interesting and unique designs, some of which are featured in our Carousel Bead line of collectible beads and in our New Designs. She enjoys spending time with her man-eating dog, Josie, who will just as soon lick you as look at you. With her animals in tow, Michelle loves to explore uncharted territory...

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