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Keeping Celtic Culture Alive

The ancient Celts walked connected to the heartbeat of the earth, the continual movement of all things, the beauty of the sun casting shadows and light across the sky. The designs they created, inspired by ancient knots woven metal and carved in rock, express how all that exists on earth is deeply connected. Our jewelry is an offering to you and the ancestors. These articles were written to you understand the sacred geometry within our designs.

Symbolism of Our Celtic Knots

Many times, people walk into our store and ask does this knot means? In this well illustrated article, we offer the interpretations of some of the major knots in our jewelry collection. Learn more about the symbolism of celtic knots

Interpreting Celtic Knots In Our Jewelry

In this illustrated article, we outline a basic set of ideas to interpret Celtic knots. This can help you understand how to unlock the meaning of Celtic knots yourself. We apply our insights to the meaning of a few pieces in our collection. Learn more about interpreting celtic knots in our jewelry

Deciphering Celtic Knots

Lines, crosses, circles, waves, squares – Celtic knots are made of shapes intertwined. By understanding the basic components of Celtic knots, you can more easily decipher any Celtic knot in a piece of jewelry. This article is a much read for anyone seeking the meaning of a Celtic knot. Learn more about deciphering celtic knots

Knot Work In My Travels

Helen Chantler, lead designer for Reflective Images, muses about her discovery of knot designs in South India, the weavings of the mythological spider woman, and the universality of knot designs. Learn more about celtic knot work

The Worldwide Sacred Geometry Inspiring Our Jewelry

Knot designs are universal, a form of sacred geometry and also an essential expression of world culture, found from Tibet to Indonesia, to Africa. Patterns in Eastern Europe may be 20,000 years This article discusses knot work in history and world culture. Learn more about celtic knot motifs

Celtic Wedding Ring Symbolism

For as long as recorded history, humankind has sought to distill the apparent order of the natural world and the cosmos into patterns, shapes, figures, and designs. This interesting article explores the symbolism of Celtic design as it applies to wedding and engagement rings. Learn more about celtic wedding ring symbolism

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