Paulina Ramirez


Paulina Ramirez is an international jewelry designer, having studied art in a wide range of cultural milieus. She was born in Santiago, Chile', where she worked at a young age under the tutelage of some of the most famous Chilean jewelers, developing a reputation for refined and exquisite metal work. In her older designs, you can still see the influence of the Spanish and tribal art, a neo-techno fusion of craftsmanship where even the most outlandish and contemporary forms can be traced back to the influences of her specific native terra firma. More recently, her designs are more expansive, reflecting, with contemporary flare, the vast landscapes in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she currently produces her own creations in the studio of Reflective Images, often to the tunes of Leonard Cohen. In addition to her fine career as a jewelry designer, Paulina is married with three sons and has a wide variety of avant garde, bohemian interests, including politics and art to poetry and music to installation sculpture and photography. She also teaches yoga and is currently studying ayurvedic medicine with a pundit of the first degree

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