Recycled Your Gold With


We will take your gold and give you 93% of the current spot value toward any one of our pieces of jewelry.

Gold that is used toward the purchase of our jewelry will be bought by us at 93% of its scrap value. In the event that the gold value exceeds the amount of the jewelry purchased, we will buy that gold at 70% of current spot price.

This is an outstanding deal which allows you to treat your gold like dollars. Most jewelers offer, at most, 70% of the total scrap value for gold.

Use the value of your gold toward owning something that you really want! If your gold has existing stones, we will remove them and return them to you. There is a small fee for removing the stones based upon the amount and degree of difficulty in removing them.

Please also be aware that when mounting and removing stones they are at their highest vulnerability to being damaged. We are not responsible for any accidentally damaged stones during this process.

You will receive a report detailing the spot value for the day we process your gold, the refining fee, any stone removal fees and the total value of your gold. We will also be happy to incorporate one of your gemstones into our current design line, or to make something entirely custom for you.

Contact us if you wish to pursue any of these options.

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