Reflective Images Further Commits To Fair Trade Jewelry


President of Company Calls the Conflict Diamond Issue a "Red Herring"

Santa Fe, NM: February 8, 2007: Reflective Images, a Santa Fe, New Mexico based designer jewelry studio, has decided to cease doing business with two suppliers, one in India and another in Thailand, that do not adhere to Fair Trade jewelry practices. All bracelet and necklace chain will now be imported from a company in Indonesia that operates on Fair Trade principals, including:

  • Providing free board for employees.
  • Wages well above minimum wage standards.
  • Clean, environmentally sound, well ventilated working conditions.
  • A month of paid vacation annually.
  • Profit sharing.
  • A fund to cover all medical expenses.

"Most of what we produce is made by our own jewelers in Santa Fe, start to finish," explained Marc Choyt, President of Reflective Images. "But our competitors are outsourcing. Imported handmade chain adds value to our American made pieces."

"The Indonesian company costs up to thirty percent more than the companies we've dropped, but I believe our customers will support our Fair Trade initiatives." Choyt noted that the Fair Trade movement in the US is supported by the same demographics as organic foods. Up to twenty percent of the population wants Fair Trade products. He also admitted that not all his inventory pieces are currently available from Fair Trade suppliers, though he is narrowing the gap.

"From one perspective, the Conflict Diamond issue is a red herring-obscuring the real issue, Fair Trade," Choyt said. "Would the customer want a ring made from poorly treated labor and mined materials that trashed the environment? Does the expression of love and commitment, symbolized in a ring, just extend to our intimate ones, or beyond them, to the greater human family? It takes real courage for someone in the jewelry business to even consider these issues, but there is an even greater danger for those who ignore them, abroad and at home."

Reflective Images was founded in 1995. They are known for their contemporary interpretations of classic Celtic motifs, a brand sold in over 150 stores nationwide, as well as on their website, For the last two years, they have been named a superior supplier by OC Tanner Corporation, their largest trade account-- one of three companies out of three hundred to receive this honor. Santa Fe's Mayor and City Counsel named the company of one of the city's most outstanding businesses, based on their wages, diversity, job creation, benefit package and their "circle based" philosophy.

In addition to Fair Trade jewelry practices, Reflective Images is as environmentally responsible as possible. Packing material to ship is from shredded junk mail. All their gold and silver sheet and wire is from recycled material. The energy that powers their plant purchased from renewable resources.

For further info, Contact Marc Choyt at 505-988-7393 Ex. 12 or 

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