Renewed Metal: Palladium

A lustrous silvery-white precious metal, palladium is very similar in appearance to platinum, but is much more affordable. Palladium's pure white color, is very complementary to diamonds and sapphires.


Palladium is often found along with deposits of gold and platinum. Large scale mining is often massively damaging to communities and the environment. All our palladium rings are made from 100% recycled metals.


Palladium was discovered in platinum ore from South America in 1803 by William Hyde Wolaston, who named the metal after the asteroid, Pallas. After WW1, it was named a metal of strategic importance due to its military applications. It was not allowed to be used widely in jewelry until 1939. Most recently, in the jewelry world, it has become popular as an alternative to platinum for wedding rings and as an alloy in the making of white gold. It is thirty times rarer than gold and is mined primarily in just six locations around the world.

Palladium's Qualities:

Palladium used in our rings is 95% pure. The remaining 5% are alloys that make palladium, which is a relatively soft metal, and is slightly harder and more durable than 14K gold. As part of the platinum family of metals, palladium is approximately thirty times more rare than gold. Palladium, like platinum, will develop a patina over the years, but it will not tarnish.


For people who want a white metal that looks like platinum, but cannot afford the price, palladium is an excellent alternative. It currently costs about the same as 14K gold.

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