Renewed Metal: Platinum


The cool white gloss of platinum has strong contemporary appeal. A simple platinum wedding band can epitomize understated elegance, and metal also perfectly complements the sparkling brilliance of a diamond on an engagement ring. The most notable qualities of Platinum are its strength and durability. When a gold or silver ring is scratched, a minute bit of metal may be lost. Because platinum is so hard, it does not easily splinter, making it an especially excellent choice for rings and mounts.


Platinum is 95% pure, which is why a ring will be stamped, 950. The alloys used to create the last five percent, such as palladium and iridium, are not from recycled sources. Even minute impurities from alloys can cause difficulties in the fabrication process.


People often do not consider where their platinum is from. Yet typically, platinum is often found with gold deposits. Platinum mining has displaced indigenous communities and created massive damage to the environment. In fact, a platinum ring can result in several tones of mining tailings, which is why we offer only recycled platinum wedding rings.

Our Platinum Rings

All of the designs by Katherine Aberle and Michalangelo can be made with recycled platinum. In choosing one of our recycled platinum wedding rings, you can be assured that what you are wearing aligns creates no additional harm to the environment through mining.

Wear And Care

Platinum will over time show some wear. The metal will develop a patina. Many people like the aged look, but a soft polishing clothe will bring back the metal's luster. You can also soak your ring in warm soapy water and scrub it with a brush. Just about any jeweler can polish the ring back to its original finish.

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