Six Critical Points - Celtic Wedding Rings

The Six Critical Points To Buying Them On The Internet

In ancient times in the lands we today call Europe, many tribal groups collectively called Celts lived their lives, leaving us little behind other than their exquisite artifacts. Today, these cultural remnants have inspired many who want to connect to a simpler time, perhaps when time itself felt timeless. To exchange vows with a Celtic wedding ring, representing one’s most cherished and noble sentiments, is one way which couples today can symbolically anchor both their mutual love and vows to ancient tribal roots. A Celtic wedding band is also universal in meaning, but to buy a ring online that is an expression of one’s beliefs is impossible, unless you know these six critical points.

For those who are looking for a Celtic wedding band worthy of its symbolic expression, as representative of love, marriage and one’s connection to the community, the first thing to know is who made the Celtic wedding ring. These days, someone can simply create an image on a computer illustrator program, send it to a factory and have the ring made. There is no artistry or soul involved. The ring is merely a commodity. Those who want artistry in their lives will also want artistry on their finger, for the shaping and forming of the metal by human hands infuses the Celtic jewelry with a warmth and quality that cannot be duplicated mechanically.

1.) Buy your Celtic wedding band from an artist.
Secondly, consider whether the Celtic wedding band is fabricated from wax and cast, or hand made, shaped and formed from precious metal. These two types of processes will result in different appearances. Hand made rings have more of a hand wrought look. High quality wax work can result in a more refined Celtic wedding ring. In the making of Celtic jewelry, both styles are employed with skill and artistry that greatly vary.

2.) Is your Celtic wedding ring hand fabricated or hand cast?
The third thing to review when looking at a Celtic wedding ring on line is whether the design is a reproduction of an ancient design, or a contemporary interpretation of a classic motif. There is no right or wrong answer, but understanding where a designer is sourcing from is good information for someone who is purchasing a Celtic wedding band. Most Celtic ring designers are taking images from books which they are interpreting to fit on bands and some designs are entirely made up by artisans. A Celtic jewelry designer on line should be able to tell you what inspired them.

3.) What is the inspiration for the ring?
Fourth, consider the symbolism of your Celtic wedding ring. Any good online merchant will be able to link their rings to the ring’s symbolism. Since the Celts left no written records, such an explanation should be have some basis in sacred geometry. It all starts with the intersection of two lines, two paths coming together and crossing to form a new relationship, a new story. From there, shapes have their influence. A circle, for example, symbolizes our connection to community, our circle or friends. An arc might represent the powerful flow of waves in the ocean. Squares are about structure and foundations. In order to build a house upward, you usually will use a square. Triangles are about movement toward a goal. Most rings are a combination of all these elements, put together, creating a harmonious whole.

4.) What does the symbology of your ring mean?
Fifth, only buy a Celtic wedding ring which is made of recycled precious metal. Gold and silver mining is one of the most toxic activities on earth. It makes no sense whatsoever to own a Celtic wedding band which caused twenty tons of mining sludge in some developing world country. You want your ring to symbolize the world we want to live in. Fortunately, some of the finest Celtic jewelry is made with recycled metals. To buy green Celtic jewelry is a great way to honor the spirit and respect for nature so dear to the ancient Celts.

5.) Purchase rings only made from recycled or fair trade metals.
Finally, consider the reputation of the online Celtic merchant. How long they have been in business, if they actually have a store, are they members of the Better Business Bureau, are all small indications that your purchasing experience will be satisfactory. The best online merchants of Celtic jewelry will also guarantee their work for as long as you own it. Considering reputation, and all the other points made here, will assure that the Celtic wedding ring you purchase ultimately reflects the values that draw you into the deep and mysterious wisdom that the Celts possessed so long ago.

6.) What is the reputation of your Jeweler?

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