Tanzanian Womens Mining Association



is a country with abundant gem and mineral wealth and a large population of small scale artisan diggers who live in poverty. The Tanzanian Woman’s Mining Association (TAWOMA), with its approximately 350 members, exists to support the woman miners through the empowerment of their the sheer entrepreneurial efforts.

TAWOMA’s activities includes financial, technical and marketing services for small scale women miners. They seek to enable mining activities that are both economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

TAWOMA facilitates the marketing of mineral products, including the creation of a revolving fund to support operations. It also serves to lobby and advocate on behalf of women, to the government’s mining sector.

The ultimate vision of TAWOMA is to eliminate poverty and create new jobs for women and youth in the mining sector. Gemstones are polished in Dar es Salaam.

We have purchased from TAWOMA directly, and we have also supported their cause by featuring their organization in a seminal article on ethical jewelry in Modern Jeweler Magazine.

The opportunity to have a gemstone directly from TAWOMA means that your purchase will directly benefit the women miners in Tanzania. At present, we have a limited stock of items from TAWOMA. (in stock list -- Coming Soon) We can, upon request, order Tanzanite directly from the association.

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