The Ethical Pros and Cons of Canadian Diamonds


Our View On The Effects Of Canadian Diamonds

Canada's four large diamond mines are among the most regulated in the world and there is generally little difference between them.

Almost all diamonds are gathered in central polishing locations where they are mixed up regardless of their sourcing. Canadian diamonds have a tiny "Canada Mark", that gives you assurance that the gems were actually mined in Canada. Cutting takes place in third party certified facilities. The companies that run the mines know that their brand image depends upon the assurance of a seamless mine to market pipeline.

What those who push Canadian diamonds as the perfect choice do not talk about is the infrastructure required to transport millions of gallons of petrol to run the machinery and generators in the arctic tundra, creating disruption to the environment. Those who consider themselves environmentalists need to understand that the diamond mining in Canada is part of a larger trend that is drastically impacting North America's last Serengeti.

Another conflict associated with these mines occurred within First Nation communities, who had rights to the land where the diamond mines were located. The pro-development Natives had conflict with those people who had more traditional values. The mines were a wedge issue, massively impacting small villages. Both these types of conflict are generally entirely glossed over by those who see Canadian diamonds as the ethical choice.

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