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Celtic Birthstones

February: Amethyst

by Marc Choyt 29 Jan 2024 0 Comments

amethyst februarys birthstoneAmethyst, the birthstone for February, is one of the master healing crystals. It embodies the energy of the violet flame—a unique spiritual energy that raises your vibration, propelling you into a more spiritual state of being. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, relieving stress and strain, soothing anxiety and irritability, alleviating sadness and grief.

A very spiritual stone, amethyst assists in remembering and understanding dreams, encouraging selflessness and deep wisdom. Amethyst is said to cure hangovers, and even capture wild beasts—which may be particularly helpful if you are raising young children or working in the business world. 

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The lore of amethyst is intimately rooted in Bacchus—the ecstatic god of fertility and wine, and the patron of tragedy. A myth recounted by a sixteenth century French poet (and dedicated to King Henry III) begins with Bacchus walking about with his tiger, in one of those bad moods that a god can find himself in from time to time. Feeling unloved and neglected, he vowed to take out his anger on the first person he happened to come across. The beautiful maiden, Amethyst, who was on her way to Diana's temple, happened to step before Bacchus. As the tiger tore into her with his claws she called to Diana, the virgin huntress, patron of childbirth, goddess of the moon. Alas, Diana arrived too late. Amethyst's body lay shredded on the earth. Diana honored Amethyst by turning her into a pillar of white stone, safe from tiger's teeth. Bacchus felt like a schmuck. He gathered up his finest bottle of wine and poured it over the stone, creating the beautiful violet amethyst we know today.

The protective concept of amethyst might be tied to the idea that being on a spiritual journey offers some safety from certain worldly influences. Though Amethyst is placed as February's birthstone in most modern lists, the Hindu mystics in Vedic astrology believes amethyst was the gemstone of Pisces.

Experience the energy of amethyst for yourself. First, check in with yourself—see how you are feeling and make a note of it. Then, take a piece of amethyst and hold it in your hand. See how it feels and what thoughts come into your mind or heart. Consider what you learn in light of some of the ancient stories, and you may be surprised at what you discover.

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