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by Marc Choyt 22 Nov 2016 0 Comments


Learn how we source our diamonds here. Please see an article by Marc entitled: The Diamond Trade: How Much Blood Remains?

Diamonds are made of carbon, the chemical building block of life itself, in its most concentrated, pure form. They have always been prized for their beauty, longevity and hardness: they are rated ten of out ten on the Moss scale. Due to their purity and beauty, diamonds have often been chosen as a gift to express love and eternal commitment. They have been coveted by royalty and the very wealthy for eons. Diamonds are passed down over generations and they do not loose their value.

Diamond is April’s birthstone. In most cases, the diamonds we choose for birthstones range from 2.0mm to 2.5mm. These rated at least SI2, G/H, which means they are "eye clean" and have a fine white color. Though most diamonds in the jewelry trade are chosen for their clarity and whiteness, diamonds actually come in several colors: pinks, yellows, blues and violets. These natural color diamonds are even rarer than the colorless ones and it is possible to get them as a special order.

Read an article about The Myth and Lore of Diamond.

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