Responsible Practices

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We are supportive of the communities and active in making the jewelry sector more ethical and equitable. Learn more about how we view our social responsibility. Our Bali Manufacturing partner also holds a deep commitment to social responsibility:

Corporate Responsibility statement from the Director of our Bali Factory.

"The village where our factory is situated plays a large part in our corporate responsibility policy. When appropriate we get involved in community events and provide help and sponsorship to local cultural, charity and environmental concerns. Where possible we recruit workers from the area and we work with the village council to identify people who most need work and prioritize them for training programs and jobs. Acting locally may be an overused cliché these days but it does help greatly in building strong, stable and more aware communities.

One of our greatest responsibilities is to our clients, We chose where possible to work with other like minded socially responsible companies. We like to provide these clients with product they know was produced in a socially responsible manner, and of course besides this we strive to give them good service, quality and fair prices. It must be noted though that producing goods under fair trade guidelines is more expensive, we do not exploit cheap labor, we do not cut costs in environmentally detrimental ways, and this means our production costs are higher, we cannot compete price-wise with those who do cut these corners. This does turn away many potential clients from our company, but we have no desire to get caught in the vicious circles and spirals of cost cutting in order to catch sales, this kind of action inevitably leads to exploitation and harmful practices.

For those who accept and understand this we try to make up with a better quality product,(which I firmly believe is more achievable by having a stable competent, well cared for and loyal workforce), and by better customer service in general, adhering to deadlines, good communications, design and design services, product warranties and sales follow ups, etc.

We see a growing awareness in the world and amongst consumers in general desiring to be responsible citizens, and we believe that these people should be given the opportunity to purchase product they can use with the knowledge and piece of mind that comes from knowing it was produced by responsibly acting organizations. We want to reward and encourage people who encompass this thinking and like to think that wearers/end purchasers of our products will get many years of enjoyment wearing/using quality items that they know to be made and supplied in a responsible way."

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