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Celtic Fun

Trinity Garnet Pendant Contest

by Marc Choyt 19 Jan 2015 208 Comments


Evoke your inner Goddess and tell us what this ancient Celtic trinity symbol, accented by a princess cut Garnet, means to you.


Congratulations to Rhonda Seebeck Koenning, for her inspiring winning entry. We received so many heart-felt entries, it was definitely hard to choose...we are pulling together a list of honorable mentions who will also receive a special gift from us for participating. We will notify you individually, so watch your notifications! Thank you all.


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31 Jan 2015 Marilyn C

PS to #21 Hi All, I’ve had this beautiful pendant and our mini community around it that Reflective Images has allowed us to create. I’m retired from ministry and am always grateful for moments where people gather together in goodness to share a moment in time. This past year I’ve been taking a crystal healing course and have learned so much about the healing properties of crystals and their whole-making vibrational caress. Learned an bit, too, about “sacred geometry” found in the stones and in all of nature, ourselves very much included! Wanted to pass this thought on: no matter who of us is allowed to wear the garnet and knot, we’ve experienced our Oneness with all that is in the sharing of ourselves through it. We can “intend” through our realization of Oneness to surround ourselves in the garnet’s inherent qualities of emotional healing, self love and self worth, and surety, safety, and Presence while walking the spiritual path. We can “imagine” the caress of the Celtic knot binding us to our divinity, from whence we came and in which “we live and move and have our being” as scripture so poetically describes. Bless us each on our journey through this new year 2015. May Love continue to surround us! xo, Marilyn

30 Jan 2015 aaricka swanson

The trinity knot is my symbol of hope and pove. And I love the red garnet.

30 Jan 2015 Donna

I have the matching earrings with a blue stone (for my daughter and one son’s birthstone), but have nothing garnet for my teenaged son. I have loved your work for years (we purchased our wedding rings from you nearly 20 years ago), and would love to have another meaningful piece to display xo

30 Jan 2015 Dawn Felty

My maiden name is McAllister. I have always felt I needed to be in Scotland but I haven’t been able to even visit. I could wear this pendant and when I touched it I could go there in my heart and spirit. I would wear it all the time instead of wearing the one I have that doesn’t have the stone. I never take mine off except when showering.

30 Jan 2015 kay leroy

The trinity is such a beautiful and essential symbol of life. As a Catholic, it of course represents the holy trinity. In my mind it also emcompasses the trinity of mother, father, child….the most beautiful thing God created. The trinity knot is an everlasting sign that all things are connected to each other. I love it.

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