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Five Talismanic Ways to Honor Our Ancestors

by Marc Choyt 22 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Samhain, October 31st is the Celtic day of the dead, and the Celtic New Year. Now, as the veil between the living and the spirit world is thin, we turn in remembrance and honoring of those who traveled before us. Here are five ways you can turn a piece of jewelry into a talismanic piece connecting to roots, bones and blood.

Call or email us with your ideas and we'll credit $25 toward any of these projects.  



1. The Tree of Life honoring:  Within the Tree of Life designs,   let us set birthstones to represent your ancestors or loved ones.    







2Weaving within our ancestor’s path: The rope pattern represents the weaving together or two paths.  We can set gems representing family within the knots of our rope ring. or any of our rope motifs.  







3. Lockets!   Place a photo or lock of hair within our heart locket. Accent the locket with your beloved's birthstone.            






4. Re-imagining Gemstones:  Heirloom gems are passed through generations, but styles change.  Use one of your own gems handed down from your ancestors in one of our rings.  Send us your custom idea here      

5. New Jewelry for Old; Send Us Your Gold:  We’ll recycled your old gold from pieces of jewelry passed down that you'll never wear, and give you 93% of the gold's value toward something new.            

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