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Celtic Fun

Celtic Cross Contest

by Marc Choyt 05 Nov 2013 132 Comments

Win This Pendant

What does the Celtic Cross mean to you?


We asked many of you to share with us what the Celtic Cross means to you, for a chance to win this Columba’s Cross Pendant. We received so many heartfelt entries, it was definitely hard to choose a winner, and we thank everyone so much for participating.


Winner: Robert Trig Ashby

"This is the center of creation. Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. North, South, East, and West. The eternal binding of the tri-knots moving in a Perpetual circle towards the center of all things and yet...sending us into the vastness of the warm currents of forever. In this way we're bound together. This equal-limbed cross of nature is indeed all of us."

Runners Up:

Tim Forbes: "The Celtic Cross has many meanings. I have one tatooed on my arm (I designed it) that has the "forever knot" inside it. It represents my faith to my clan (family), my land (Scottish by heritage), and my God (Christian by birth and by choice). This particular piece of jewelry is a beauty! The purple stone in the center could represent many things, but I am drawn to the knotwork around it! Each arm of the cross is two triad knots intertwined to become one. Excellent imagery! Each tri-knot representing a Christian (the Trinity in man), entwined with their soul mate...then four pairs come together to form a community. I love the deep symbolism tied up (pardon the pun!) in the simple yet complex beauty of the Scottish Knotwork! This is gorgeous!"

Kristin Deveraux: "Everlasting love... And all the sincere attributes that protect its path! Love, Loyalty, Infinity, Faith."

Diann Dittemore Peterson: "The Celtic Cross reminds me that my ancient ancestors were an extremely advanced people and civilization, developing the most accurate measuring devise to date. Using the Celtic Cross for navigating the greatest oceans to using the miraculous tool to design the Great Pyramids, the moon, sun and stars and everything in between and all around the world. They make me proud to have been born of such magnificence that to me, seems like an incredible feat so very long ago."

Suellen T. Sciarappa Cirelli: "Spirit centered, the Celtic Cross shows the knots of strength that the Irish bring to the 4 corners of the earth through the diaspora, and the strength we draw from the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. The Irish draw from the wealth of their history, faith and family. The Cross celebrates the Rising--in all its meanings."

Mary Sinclair: "The Celtic cross design reflects the lives, faith and endurance of our Celtic ancestors, and the intertwined lines represent the journey of life, the pilgrimage of faith, and the inter-connectedness of all people, with God and oneness at the center."

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05 Nov 2013 Laurie S. Russell

The Celtic Cross is a link to lives long past. A way to remember what and who I am and have been.

12 Nov 2013 sadie peatross

the cross reminds me always of my heratage and its what i claim with great pride

05 Nov 2013 Amy Scott

The Celtic Cross is a bridge between worlds, of spirit and matter. The center point represents the quickening, where all elements combine to create life. The four directions, the four seasons, and the cyclical nature of life is represented at the four cardinal points.

05 Nov 2013 Rhonda Cunningham-Phillips

To me, it means being a Christian, and of Saint Patrick.

05 Nov 2013 Anne VanDeuson

Faith and Nature interwoven in a never-ending ribbon of Life

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